See how Finarb’s Churn Analytics solution helped a premium auto manufacturer increase customer retention while reducing costs
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Increase in revenue

reduction in churn

increase in campaign effectiveness

AI capabilities in Automobile

We have worked with auto clients from creating data lakes, building AI based sales/.marketing/campaign management systems as well as in pricing auto insurance and designing credit models for auto-finance

Identify customers who are likely to churn, along with drivers behind churn for different customer segments. Focus retention strategies by identifying customers who are most likely to remain with your brand, given the right offerings

Churn Analytics

AI driven approach to customize cross-sell / up-sell offerings in order to target right customers with the right offers

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Identify drivers behind churn, target customers using AI generated campaigns based on drivers influencing customer decision

Campaign Optimization

AI helps you structure all customer interactions to understand preferences & target those looking to buy their next vehicle. Understand when your customers are looking for repairs and/or upgrade of car parts. Approach customers with a view to maximizing your footfall and reducing churn

Vehicle & Parts Shop

AI based models help the car manufacturer create deals using a combination of financial structures and product features curated to the needs/affordability of the customer to increase the probability of conversion. Using these models leads to reduction of cost in terms of dollars spent on sales and increase of revenue through conversions

Deal Structuring

Our AI models help in creating pricing models for insurance based on risk attributes, identify probability of a claim being fraudulent as well as create AI driven chatbots for customer support, customer grievance redressal and process automation

Auto Insurance

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