Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance

See how Finarb’s Recommendation Engine and Churn Analytics solutions can help financial institutions target & retain valuable customers with the right interventions

Banking and Insurance

capture of fraudulent transactions

increase in compliance

reduction in expected loss

AI in Banking and Insurance

We use new technologies to help banks and payment providers take bold steps to thrive in the future.

Use Machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of data points in real time and flag suspicious or downright fraudulent transactions, stopping many anomalous claims and activities in the process. Our algorithms extend to all forms of structured and unstructured data to detect patterns

Fraud Detection

AI-powered BASEL compliant credit scoring models are designed to speed up lending decisions looking at not only transactional risk while creating average and stress testing models for short run and long run state of economy. This limits risk and helps optimise regulatory and economic capital for the bank

Credit Scoring

AI enabled processes help traders streamline the account opening process, and advise them on scaling their portfolio. This could include developing a financial plan, portfolio management, advising on planned home purchases, retirement, protection needs, estate planning, etc.

Robo Advisors

By analyzing what makes some customer segments remain loyal customers and others to seek out new financial service providers, we help banks and other stakeholders to target the in-danger segments with motivating offers and products created to the customers preference and affordability.

Offers and Recommendations

Stricter regulations have increased the need for efficient compliance, and have pushed banks to seek more cost-effective means. Our Regulatory AI models focus on making the compliance process more efficient and native to financial institutions

Regulatory Compliance

Our AI models helps banks and financial institutions model and mitigate credit risk, operational risk, market risk, ALM and liquidity risk, trading risk, AML, insurance risk and regulatory risk

Risk Management

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