Cross sector

Cross sector

The wide range of uses of AI is not limited to specific business verticals and can appeal to
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Cross sector

reduction in manual effort in account reconciliation

decrease in attrition

increase in detection of fraudulent transactions

Cross Industry AI capabilities

The cross industry applications have aided our clients in varied use cases from hiring to fraud detection. In these use cases continuously learning algorithms have helped incremental growth from Day 1

We have helped our client using AI in the area of recruitment, attrition prediction and prevention, team building etc to create teams optimised for performance, skill, cultural and personality fits

HR and Recruitment

Automating the conversion of bills, receipts and trial balances to accounting statements or tax reports can be done using AI at scale. This can also help in automated tax calculations and planning


AI covers the entire workflow of sales and marketing, right from lead generation, churn prediction, recommendation etc. and such solutions have not only increased revenue but also lowers cost by automation

Sales and Marketing

Supervised methods can be used to train model on recognising existing or known forms of fraud while unsupervised methods or outlier detection techniques can lead us to detect hitherto unknown forms

Fraud Detection

We have helped clients to use AI in almost all areas in CRM - Chatbots and AI based mail servers to address customer grievances, AI based ad management systems to send offers/discounts and recommendations to generate sales


Every business needs a risk management system in place. Mathematical models of operational risk helps to model and plan for business contingency and business continuity which has become all the more important with the current lockdown scenario.

Risk Management

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