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Pharma & Healthcare

See how Finarb is partnering with Pharma & Healthcare clients to help prevent patients from dropping off their prescriptions
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Healthcare & Pharma

increase in adherence capture

increase in radiological detection accuracy

increase in compliance

AI Capabilities in Healthcare & Pharma

AI is being used by our clients in varied areas of adherence, abandonment, diagnostics, package filling, knowledge discovery and compliance management

identify which prescriptions are likely to be discarded by the patient, understand the drivers behind the same and take preventive measures based on AI insights

Prescription Abandonment

Predict whether or not the prescription will be discarded at any point in the lifecycle. Understand drivers behind non adherence and take pre-emptive measures


Use AI to check compliance and quality of your procedures, documentation, customer support calls, etc. - to ensure high engagement, and compliance to regulatory requirements

Customer Service / Compliance

Analyse research documents and academic papers to create knowledge discovery graphs concerning molecules and their effects and side-effects on various diseases

Knowledge Discovery

Automating the anomaly detection in radio logical images

Radiological Detection

Modeled across millions of images, we automate the diagnosis of dermatological conditions across different skin textures, colors, etc.

Dermatology Diagnosis

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