Trading and Investment

Trading and Investment

See how Finarb partners with clients to build robust Datalakes, Backtesting & Trading Engines and Risk Platforms to form the backbone of an AI driven Trading solution
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Trading and Investment

reduction in latency

Percent increase in sharpe ratio

increase in Profits annually

AI Capabilities in Trading & Investment

Our backtesting engines, strategy engines and FIX based trading algorithms have been used by clients for trading and investment with a view to higher alpha and lower sigma

The amount of data created in the trading world between bid-ask price points, news, social media etc, it's impossible to manually create a ranking of stocks to invest in. Our AI stock selector models constantly monitor evolving pattern and learn to recommend stocks for specified durations using all available information

Stock Ranking

Our strategy engines are fed with 100+ technical and statistical indicators which are parametrised and based on AI models, continuously learn through back testing the best configuration for trading an instrument. The choice of the best configuration is based on the risk-reward ratio based on the risk appetite of the trading institution

Strategy Engines

Deviating from the landmark Markowitz formulation of portfolio construction, our analysis shows that usage of representation learning, Q learning, reinforcement learning can help us create profitable equity curves at lower risk and with a lower cost, since these algorithms are self learning. Thus we can do away with human micro management

Portfolio management

We have full-scale AI based trading risk modeling platform that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms on historical price volume data, economic data to analyse, build, validate and deploy high-performing trading risk models which can dynamically adapt to the changing market and investor conditions post deployment.

Trading Risk

In trading we have two kinds of data integration. We provide integration with data sources and executor engines provided by Quanthouse, IG, IB, DTN IQfeed etc. We have extensive experience in the FIX protocol for trading and use FIX to collect data and configure our requests. Our scalable pipeline enables to handle data from wide variety of sources.

Data integration

Our AI enabled crypto trading model (based on the core principles of the high-frequency trading (HFT) domain) that activates technical indicators to analyze market trends and patterns to execute trades. We also have GUI based trading available for traders without coding experience or who cannot integrate our API

Crypto trading

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