Infrastructure As A Service
Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure As A

Iaas also known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is one of the layers of the cloud computing platform. It allows our clients to outsource their IT infrastructures such as servers, networking, processing, storage, virtual machines, and other resources. Customers access these resources on the Internet using a pay-as-per use model. With the help of the IaaS cloud computing platform layer, businesses can dynamically scale the configuration to meet changing requirements and are billed only for the services actually used.



The cloud service model is based on the concept of resources-as-a-service. As an alternative to spending money on the up-front equipment costs associated with creating and managing a server room or data center, the cloud service model allows organizations to access and implement IT infrastructure with a subscription-based payment model that's more affordable.


IaaS services are provided on an on-demand basis and billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, making them a cost-efficient option for smaller organizations that can only afford to pay for computing resources that they use. A subscriber is billed according to the number of virtualization instances that are created, or based on the quantity of data stored.


The ability to quickly and easily scale service is one of the major benefits of the IaaS model. This significantly cheapens and simplifies the process of scaling up IT infrastructure for subscribers to IaaS services on a real time basis and can do away with a lot of routine updates, patches, and maintenance activities that can affect the availability of hardware resources and the software applications that depend on them. IaaS service automatically upgrades and maintenance to their servers without compromising infrastructure availability for customers.


Platform virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual machine that acts as a logical abstraction of a hardware platform. The main purpose of virtualization is to divide the resources of a mainframe computer between different functions and applications and to segment those environments from each other for operational or testing purposes. Platform virtualization enables IaaS subscribers to deploy virtualized computing instances as needed to support software development and other tasks.

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