Artificial Intelligence Projects

AI projects

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Artificial Intelligence Projects
Call Center Compliance

In several industries like pharma or finance, the cost of non-compliance to regulations can be huge.

We enable you to maintain complete compliance using AI and automation to constantly monitor and take proper preventive measures to ensure conformance and higher customer trust.

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Failure Detection

Sensor logs, machine details, etc. help us predict machine failure and take corrective measures.

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Demand Analysis

For our retail clients - inventory management, demand/supply analysis are essential for cost management and higher sales. Using time-series based machine learning models, we predict with high accuracy, the goods in demand at a specific market, price/quantity points, features of product, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Sales and Marketing

Use our AI platforms to help you streamline the entire customer journey, enable AI based customer touch points

to enhance the customers' experience on your platform. This is achieved through churn analysis, recommendations, AI enabled ad generations, lead selection models for higher customer NPS and customer experience resulting in higher conversion rate

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Style transfer

Use our deep learning style transfer tools to convert text and images to pre-trained target styles.

This helps in creating marketing campaigns and materials, drafting legal documents, creating academic reports, financial reports, and so on

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