Churn Analytics

Churn Analytics

Focus on the right customer, take the right action, at the right time, and the right place

Problem Statement

While acquiring new clients is a key to business growth and development, retaining existing clients and customers is also equally important, if not more. Being able to achieve customer delight, not only enhances your brand’s value and perception but also increases the customer lifetime value. An automobile giant wanted to retain existing customers while optimising the marketing spend on them. The objective was to identify the set of customers, along with curated offers for them, who had the highest likelihood of being retained through a sales intervention or sales offer
13% increase in revenue achieved by recommendation engines for some dealers

A curated list of customers based on the likelihood of change in the decision due to sales intervention (offer)

Identify features of sales intervention or offer by altering product features, price points, etc.

Identify the marketing mix for campaign offers i.e. mode of communication, the timing of communication, etc.

Automation of the end to end process from AI modeling to customer touchpoints

Self learning model through reinforcement techniques and feedback that adapts to changing market ecosystem

Churn Analytics
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