Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

The right product, at the right place, among the right accomplices, for the right buyer, at the right time

Problem Statement

With an objective to streamline sales and target easy-to-convert customers by recommending optimized product bundles, this recommendation engine use case was developed for a global premium auto major. The sales process was being managed by their dealers in exchange for a hefty sum which resulted in the client incurring 10X additional cost. Therefore, they wanted a better cost to value ratio. The aim was to suggest the most appropriate product bundle / product combination that the customer is likely to buy.
28% increase in revenue achieved by recommendation engines for some dealers

Offer similar products that the customer is likely to look for based on customer's purchase history and similar users to the customer

Additionally discounts given for recommended similar products as in pure upsell

Suggest the customer a more appropriate product than the one searched for using relevant factors like history, currently high-selling products etc.

Reminders suggesting relevant items with and without promos in times of reduced usage or ineffective browsing

Offer discounts while giving product reminders

Recommendation Engine
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