What we offer

Big Data Analytics

To analyse huge data sets or streaming analytics, we have helped our clients reap the benefits of Big Data technologies to deploy on demand ML models to get actionable insights accurately on real time. Our Big Data solutions help clients to transform multiple data sources to a coherent  data  store and thus enable them to use our holistic analytics framework.

Marketing & Customer Analytics

The biggest names in business are leveraging our AI frameworks to understand their customer and maximise the ROI on every dollar of marketing spend. Our tailored approach to MAB, social media analysis, churn models, cross-sell/up-sell strategies, recommenders are being used by clients to leverage competitive advantage.

Dashboards & Visualisations

Our dynamic dashboards and interactive reporting help business leaders view their business from different perspectives and focus on the key action points. Using in memory visualization helps us deliver reports from huge data-sets in real time. Also integration of the BI and visualization framework with our AI solutions has proven to be extremely useful.

Deep learning & AI

Our Deep Learning solutions helps our clients leverage the wisdom in unstructured textual and image data in addition to traditional data and aids the client to make better decisions. Using deep learning we set up a learning system which learns and evolves with time thus outperforming conventional statistical models.

Data Ingestion

Our AI based ETL(extraction-transformation-load) across different data sources and data type,  helps our clients create a common standardized, high-quality data model. This makes it fast to create BI dashboards or deploy complex algorithms so that, models incorporate a total view of the data.

Web App & Mobile App

Integrating our solutions with the clients' existing web or mobile apps or creating the app infrastructure, has given our customers the edge. Mobile and web  integration helps our clients interface our solutions much better with their own customers as well as helps us in capturing customer activity real time.

Why Us

Knowledge & Experience

Our extensive knowledge and experience in deploying end-to-end AI models, analytics frameworks, automation, BI, dashboards, etc. for clients across geographies, consumer segments,  industries and industry verticals have helped us deliver our clients best-in-class solutions that have helped them to remain ahead of the curve.

Speed & Accuracy

Our focus is on two aspects, model performance and user experience. An accurate statistical model is a necessary but not a sufficient requirement. Speed to get the results is another area where we focus on to improve client experience. Algorithmic efficiency, distributed big data systems or massive parrallelization using GPU are the main focus areas here

Learning & Automation

To make life easy for our clients and remove unnecessary or redundant delays caused by human intervention we deliver completely automated scalable learning systems. on one hand, the solutions adapt and learn from evolving scenarios and modify the outputs and reports, on the other it completely automates any repetitive step in the workflow. 

What is Data Science

The 360' View

Data Science is a blend between artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, hardware optimization and intelligent software design & coding

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