Path to success

1. Problem Discovery


3. Conceptualization and Service Proposal


3. Development and Testing


4. Reporting and visualization


5. Deployment and Feedback


6. Deliver and Train


Why Us


Our Experience

With 30+ years of combined experience in data science industry we have worked across business domains and verticals to create data based models  that catalyses business growth through insights and directions. We have had experience across verticals in

  • E-commerce / FMCG
  • Hedge funds and trading Institutions
  • Banks and lending institutions
  • Pharma industry and hospitals
  • Government and NPO projects
  • Event Management
  • Video/Music/Gaming platforms    .....  and many more


AI impact on business

Set up AI processes and forget about them. This is how a true AI platform works as it learns more from its successes and failures, and moves your system to a state of automated perfection. Access a 360 degree customized AI services from our experts in  

  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • AI in medical science
  • BI Dashboards and visualization
  • Data integration
  • Big data framework
  • Machine learning/Deep learning and AI


Open Source Infrastructure

While we have expertise in the Microsoft shop and several other proprietary software frameworks in the data science, machine learning and big data  like Matlab, Sisense, SAS, etc to name a few, we provide our clients with custom software built on the huge open source architecture. This helps our clients in

  • Cheap to deploy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper support
  • High degree of customization