AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

Explainable AI

Go under the hood of traditional black box AI & ML models

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Fraud Detection

As systems become more transparent, the opportunities for the fraudulent transactions increase. As deepfakes or dubious claims are on the rise, we need to use AI at scale to detect and act

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How to avoid common pitfalls and implement a successful AI strategy that is delivered at agile speed and enterprise scale

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Build your Data Strategy

Create robust data pipelines to enable the transition to a data and fact driven organisation

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AI in Fintech

AI enabled solutions for B2B and B2C services across front, middle and back office operations of retail banking, insurance, trading, investment and wealth management

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Sales and Marketing

Automate the full S&M lifecycle using churn models, recommender tools, lead generation solutions and campaign management tools

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AI Strategy & Consulting
AI Strategy & Consulting

Our approach is deep rooted in Consulting, Strategy Development & Solutioning. We assess your business needs & application landscape, in order to identify the right problems to solve, and the right areas to transform, for maximised benefits

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

On the back of over a hundred production grade projects, our ML/DL models are curated to formulate patterns and relationships in unstructured data sets, to make fast predictions and gather intelligence inherent in your data in order to take next-best actions

Custom Dev - On Prem/SaaS/PaaS

Build & test custom applications for both mobile and web. Integrate with existing architecture and deploy on-premise or on the Cloud. Develop applications from scratch, or as bolt-on to extend your existing solutions with enhanced capabilities

Infrastructure As A Service

Handle held and away data sources, and enterprise Big Data to create ETL pipelines for batch & streaming (CDC) data processing with quality control measures. This keeps data upto date and clean for BI platforms as well as AI/ML solutions

Artificial Intelligence of Things - AIoT

Apply AI to bring differentiating value to IoT capabilities. Data collected at various touch-points through connected devices are fed through AI/ML models to derive insights and enable effective decision making


Generate new revenue streams by finding opportunities to monetise access to your enterprise data as B2B & B2C services. Enhance applications with advanced analytics & AI, by using ready-to-use APIs available as pay-per-use, or custom licenses

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

Industry Solutions

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting
Retail & E-commerce

To acquire, retain and engage customers by discovering patterns & insights from their 360 o data, to offer personalized products and services - anytime, anywhere

AI models intended to reduce Churn, customise Campaigns, and optimise Leads, in addition to maximising CLV and NPS

ML/DL based recommendation models and campaign generators create curated content for customers in real time

Creating a 360 degree view on your customer helps you to be more proactive in customer interactions thus increasing NPS

AI and Automation enables cost optimisation by reducing missed sales, smart inventory sourcing, smart planning of resources and alerting systems

Our People & Experiences

Rich pool of practitioners spanning Consulting, AI & Data Science, UI Design & Development and Project Management expertise across industries.

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AI Enabled Strategies &
Business Solutions



BFSI, Healthcare,
Retail, Automobile, etc.



Cross Sector
Expertise & Experience




AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting
Innovation for the Enterprise. Optimised for the Business User
AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

Discovery Workshop
MVP & Roadmap

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

Agile Delivery
Build, Test, Deploy, Maintain

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting

Continuous Learning & Business User Enablement

AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting
Finarb has added tremendous value to our business and we look forward to working with them again. They bring an unparalleled level of professionalism and depth with respect to data-driven credit model
Ben Bauer
AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting
Social Influencer Market@MERRIER / AVW
Finarb brings strong business logic, combined with technical sophistication and a diverse experience in software, market analysis and statistics, that sets a rounded approach to projects. They think out of the box solutions for difficult business/technical problems and delivers on their task at high quality.
Tony White
AI Data Machine Learning - Business Strategy Consulting
We’ve used Finarb’s skills on several different types of work. They initially worked on shiny which was used as a front end for our app driven by R. They have very good general statistical and IT skill coupled with strong business sense.
Jon Hay

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