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Breakthrough with our AI-powered solutions, tailored
to optimize risk management, expedite credit
decisions, enhance customer experience, boost
revenues and safeguard sensitive data

The future of finance is Fintech, to keep up with the speed of global trade and clients requiring prompt financing. Financial institutions now navigate a high-velocity, always-on environment, and CEOs face a clear decision: either embrace ongoing technological innovation or risk surrendering their competitive edge. Despite these imperatives, several financial institutions still sporadically use AI.

To be industry leaders, it is important to systemically deploy AI across the entire lifecycle of your operations. At Finarb, we have been at the forefront, collaborating with leading finance institutions across 5 key areas delivering on our promise of ‘creating impact through data & AI’.

Credit Risk Modelling

Risk Management will continue to be tighter and non-negotiable. Finarb empowers financial institutions with predictive risk modelling along the entire credit value chain

Market and Trading Risk

Mitigate risks seamlessly across portfolios. From liquidity and interest rate risk to credit and capital market risk, our advanced solutions offer revamped risk models, ensuring accurate risk projection and swift evaluation

Fraud Claims Detection

Anomaly detection to pinpoint fraudulent patterns, predicting the likelihood of fraud and identification of false positives

Recommender Engine

With sharp product/price recommendations being a critical success factor, Finarb has been empowering leading financial institutions with AI recommender engines for product bundling, cross-sell opportunities that complement current coverage

Gen AI in RegTech

Automate and streamline your compliance tasks and processes

Use Cases

Credit Risk Modelling

Our AI solutions are targeted at reducing loan default, increasing accuracy of PD measure (probability of default), ensure seamless integration with existing credit risk management system. Even for low data portfolios, our teams are adept at using alternative data for quick AI based credit assessment speeding up customer and merchant acquisition.

Algorithmic Trading

Finarb’s risk models provide market predictions with high accuracy, dynamically adjusting risk exposure impact, meticulously decides on signals at the optimal time and price, ensuring a strategic edge in the market. Our models secure high Sharpe Ratio above 3.0 consistently

Our Clients

Who We Serve?

While embarking on your AI transformation journey it is critical to identify which areas will have the maximum impact in your roadmap towards bettering patient outcome and in your overall business vision. Trust Finarb to design and implement the best fit data/AI solution in compliance with all data security measures.

Key Metrics

75% Reduction in KYC PROCESSING TIME
99% Of Fraudulent Transactions Captured


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