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Improving Productivity and Efficiency for Pharmacies through AI and Automation

Wednesday, December 06

9-10 AM PST 

Join us for an informative and engaging session!



In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, pharmacies have emerged as pivotal players, expanding their role far beyond mere medication dispensaries. Today, they stand at the forefront of patient care, transforming into healthcare hubs actively contributing to positive patient outcomes. The recent surge in Data and AI-backed solutions has catalyzed a transformation within pharmacies of all sizes, solving top concerns of pharmacies in aspects of accuracy in medication dispensing, eliminating the risk of errors, improving patient adherence, and regulatory compliance, among others.

On December 06th, Finarb is organizing a virtual session to discuss success stories in pharmacy automation with proven tangible benefits in improving efficiency, productivity, and patient care.

Success Stories We are Discussing

  • Machine vision-enabled QC for Medication Adherence Packaging (pill detection & dispensing – 98% high accuracy in pill detection and classification.
  • Predictive Maintenance  for automated Pill Dispensing machines 
  • Survival Analysis: Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Machines and Equipment
  • Impact of AI and Automation on Pharmacies
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Why attend?

This webinar aims to bring together professionals from Pharmacies, Pharmacy Automation Manufacturers,  Adherence Packaging Manufacturers to explore how AI and automation are reshaping the future of pharmaceutical quality assurance. We will delve into the transformative power of AI-driven computer vision systems and their role in achieving zero-defect products, achieving precise object detection and classification accuracy. By attending this event, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • Case Studies Discussion: Gain Insights from real-world instances showcasing the practical applications and impacts of AI/ML in a pharmacy environment/adherence packaging
  • Opportunity to Interact with Expert Speakers from Pharmacy, Pharmacy Automation and Data Science

Who are attending?

  • CXOs, Director-QC, Quality Control Heads, and Inspection Heads from Large and Mid-sized Pharma Manufacturers
  • Director, Lead Director, Director-QA, Pharmacy managers from Lead Pharmacies, Mid-sized Pharmacies
  • Director of Quality Control, Head of Quality from Leading Adherence Packaging organizations


  • Introduction by Finarb
  • Case Discussions - 45 Min
    • Art Swanson (15): Medication Error Detection, Pill Inspection, and Classification
    • Anuj Chatterjee (15): Predictive Automation, Dispatch avoidance, Survival Analysis (RUL)
    • Adam Docrat (15): Business Impact of AI-driven Automation in Pharmacies
  • Audience Q&A: 10 Min


If you would like to know more or discuss our use cases in detail