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Empowering the healthcare ecosystem boost overall
effectiveness, improve patient outcome and
community healthcare

Improving Patient Outcome. Optimizing Workflows. Security & Regulations Compliance

Traditional healthcare is at the cusp of transformation, with radical change in the way healthcare services are designed and delivered. It is the era of personalized healthcare, with Data & Intelligence at the heart of a successful transformation. Finarb is dedicated to empowering the healthcare ecosystem boost overall effectiveness, improve patient outcome, navigate the world of data interoperability rules and stringent compliance regulations with custom and secure Data & AI solutions designed with data security at its core.

The potential benefits of AI in healthcare are well documented. Be it early disease detection, predicting patient outcomes, optimizing treatment plans, improving operational efficiency, reducing cost burden, or improving clinical operations, there is an AI success story at each node of the healthcare ecosystem. Some applications are more mature than others, yet the power of AI in Healthcare transformation can no longer be denied.

Finarb has been empowering organizations across the healthcare ecosystem, both in the private and public sectors, to enhance patient outcome, improve affordability and accessibility of healthcare, enhance their operational efficiency and topline leveraging advanced data solutions and machine learning technologies.

Client Stories

Leading Public Hospital, Texas

AI in Clinical Decision Support for Early Sepsis Detection

Finarb helped in clinical decision support with an AI-Driven Real-Time Sepsis Monitoring Solution to accurately risk stratify patients who have a high likelihood of developing sepsis within a certain time window based on biomarker levels and vitals, sourcing data from Patient Monitoring Devices and Lab Information Systems.

A leading pharmacy support services provider

Using Real World Data in AI driven Medication Adherence

Finarb collaborated with a leading pharmacy support service provider, to develop an AI enabled medication adherence monitoring model, integrating real world data & refill data, to accurately stratify high-risk patients, identify root causes of weak adherence and suggest precision targeted interventions.

Radiology Clinic Chain, Texas

Tackling patient compliance with secure data warehousing

Finarb built a clinical data warehouse for a leading radiology clinic based in Texas, operating 100+ centers in 13 markets. With data spread across disparate sources, the clinic was struggling with patient compliance and low room utilization. We enabled secure integration of data from multiple structured and unstructured data sources and healthcare IT systems, followed by predictive modelling to identify patients with a high risk of non-compliance and failure points with targeted interventions to improve future compliance.

Our Clients

Our Capabilities

While embarking on your AI transformation journey it is critical to identify which areas will have the maximum impact in your roadmap towards bettering patient outcome and in your overall business vision. Trust Finarb to design and implement the best fit data/AI solution in compliance with all data security measures.

Who We Serve?

The Healthcare ecosystem is diverse with unique business challenges at each node of the ecosystem. And that is why we are devoted to crafting customized AI applications and data solutions, designed to optimize health outcome, boost overall healthcare efficiency, and fulfill specific business requirements.


Improving patient outcome through AI enabled diagnostic accuracy, preventing readmission risks, enhancing operational efficiency


Accelerating drug discovery, improving accuracy in quality check, optimizing manufacturing processes, and enhancing regulatory compliance


Enhancing medication adherence, personalizing medication management, enhancing pharmacy workflow optimization and inventory management


Detecting and intervening fraudulent claims, intelligent recommendations on products/pricing, risk assessment


Reduced errors in medication dispensing, medication adherence packaging, streamlined prescription filling


Trial design optimization, improved patient triage and risk stratification, adverse event detection

Key Metrics

98% Accuracy in pill detection
45% Higher process efficiency
50% Reduction in time for compounds selection
90% Reduction in screening expenses


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